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This was a saying I heard many times growing up. You can make the best plans but they may not always work out for various reasons. That doesn’t mean that you should abandon them .. instead figure out why they aren’t working and dedicate yourself to making them work. We all tend to want to […]


I actually saw this on Facebook as a post from one of my realtors and swiped it. Mostly because it has such personal meaning to me. If you know my story – then you know why. I was raised lower middle class with my parents working very hard just to stay there. I created several […]

Don’t Just Say It – Do It

We all know people who talk a good game but don’t follow thru. You need to think about this internally and also externally. Internally – Do what you say you will and you will have a great reputation and create momentum for yourself. Don’t make excuses or Be “too busy” – go ahead and actually […]

Success is The Sum Of Small Efforts Repeated Daily

Success is The Sum Of Small Efforts Repeated Daily I am often asked how I am able to be so busy originating, coaching originators, creating new training programs and building other businesses. It’s a fair question and what I am about to share with you is so powerful and so simple that almost no one […]

You Will Never Arrive If You Stop To Throw Stones

You’ll Never Arrive If You Stop To Throw Stones At Every Barking Dog. I have been blessed to have a personality that allows me to truly not care what anyone thinks about me. To most that may sound harsh so let me explain. If you know in your heart you are doing everything that is […]