Success is The Sum Of Small Efforts Repeated Daily

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Success is The Sum Of Small Efforts Repeated Daily

I am often asked how I am able to be so busy originating, coaching originators, creating new training programs and building other businesses.

It’s a fair question and what I am about to share with you is so powerful and so simple that almost no one believes it is a MAJOR key to success.

We have been programmed to believe that we must instantly respond to e-mails and phone calls and now text messages or FB messenger. But the truth is that true success comes from doing the small things consistently that will help you grow your business.


You get busy. Thank heavens right? Then you spend your time “working on your loans to get them closed.”
They close and then you look around and say “OH NO” I have no closings next month I  better start marketing again. You then repeat this cycle month in and out and year in and out.


The way to fix this is by literally setting appointments with yourself. Yes, I know it’s simple. Yes, I know you might even set them but get busy and distracted. But think about these appointments as REAL appointments.
You would never NOT show up for an appointment with a client or a prospect.

That would be disrespectful right?
So why should you treat yourself any differently? Why do you disrespect yourself?
Here are some MUST DO activities that should be blocked out as appointments weekly.

1. Weekly e-mail blast to your sphere of influence.
2. Monthly newsletter ( You can access this in the TOM MARKETING PORTAL)
3. I personally do 10 video e-mail a week to my agents.
4. Weekly status updates on the files you have to the selling agent/listing agent/ clients.
5. Weekly status call with my processor to review my files.
6.  Posts to social media 3 times a week. ( You can access marketing materials in your TOM Marketing Portal)

There are a number of other activities I have scheduled. But please don’t miss the point here.
The key to success is doing the small things consistently and the way I do that is by setting them up as an appointment with myself.

Dedicated To Increasing Your Production
Brian Sacks

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